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Digital Printing

Digital Printing Benefits

Digital printing is the fastest growing area of print for Panache Press. It is ideal for short run work due to low setup costs. Digital printing is a process that prints directly from computer, but can produce litho quality print for both black and full colour work. The improvement in quality of digital printing over the last few years has been massive, meaning it is now possible to personalise your printing, or order much lower quantities of print whilst maintaining high quality at an affordable price.

The direct to press technology also means much faster turnarounds are possible and a wider range of artwork can be used. Digital printing has meant Panache Press, along with other small print firms can expand their range of printed products, and yet remain highly competitive.

Digital Printing at Panache Press

We have several digital printing presses that cater for various sizes of paper, covering black & white, as well as full colour work. All our print jobs are managed effectively so the machine that will produce the best result for the paper or board is used for your print job. Our experience in "traditional" printing has meant that we have picked the best digital presses for the different kinds of work we produce. We have successfully blended a mixture of old and new.

Products Printed Digitally

Many jobs can be printed digitally, and we use digital where we can for small businesses where the order quantites can now be much smaller than previously. Here are some examples of work that we have produced digitally:

  • Business Cards
  • Booklets
  • Leaflets / Pamphlets
  • Letterheadings
  • Calendars